Binary Options Trading School

Honesty, integrity, trust.  Maybe these are rare attributes in today’s world, but we’re trying to keep our website visitors trust.  And, in saying that, we won’t be taking you to binary options trading school. How could we advocate a particular system or chart reading pattern that might or might not work?  Yes, our founder traded professionally in the past for a known wall street firm, and yes, we can probably make some profitable trades, but what’s important in educating yourself about binary options is to learn some things on your own. We will not be instructing you how to trade binary options profitably.  We’re not scammers like some other sites you’ll find ranking in Google, and we’re trying to make this exciting new trading option into a recognized, regulated and respected market.  It would be against that to tell you exactly what to do in your investing.  To make money in binary options, you have to be lucky or have done your homework. Below you’ll find links and information to some sites and videos that appear trustworthy to our editors, also we will list some books we have read and can recommend.  Try some demo accounts at binary options brokers, trade along without real money before depositing your own, and keep thinking. When you’re ready to trade for real money, you can put your trust in one of our recommended binary options brokers.


Web Suggestions

  • – This site provides some excellent (and free) charting tools to watch and react to the markets.  Forget your binary options broker’s charts, these are much better and completely free.

Blog Suggestions

  • Stock Breakouts – Blog covering primarily US stock market charts and commentary.
  • Shankys Tech Blog – Another blog covering technical analysis and markets.
  • InnerFX – Forex chart analysis and trading blog.

Book Suggestions

Information articles