Ubinarys Withdrawal Information

Knowing all about Ubinarys withdrawal information will set you on the right path to worry-free transactions. While deposits tend to be very straightforward, many traders feel withdrawals are more of a hassle since they require submitting specific paperwork, transaction delays, and minimum balances. In an effort to ease the process, we have compiled the information you need to know about Ubinary’s withdrawal policy.

Minimum balance

The minimum amount you must have in your trading account prior to requesting a withdrawal is $50.

Withdrawal methods

Traders can choose to withdraw funds via credit card, E-wallet (such as MoneyBookers), or bank transfer. Whichever way you choose for your deposit will have to be the way by which you request your withdrawal. This means that if you made a deposit via bank transfer, the only you can withdraw is by the same means. Names on each account (i.e. bank account and trading account) have to match in order for the transaction to be completed without a hitch.

Processing times

Depending on your account type and your withdrawal method, your transfer request may take anywhere from 5 to 7 business days. Keep in mind that it may be slightly longer upon asking for your first withdrawal, as your account will have to be verified before any money transfer occurs.

The verification methods used by Ubinary can sometimes appear cumbersome for traders but remember that this is done in order to protect your identity as well as your financial information. The good news is that once you have done your first withdrawal successfully, the subsequent ones should be a breeze.

Upon signing up with Ubinary, you will gain access to their Withdrawal Guide, which outlines all-important details you need to know prior to requesting your first transaction.