Ubinary Bonus Offers

Bonus offers are a great way for brokers to promote their platform to a wide range of traders. If this is something of particular interest to you, you will want to make sure you know exactly what you are signing up for, as these types of promotions tend to have many conditions attached. When understood correctly, bonuses can have significant benefits for your trading career and help you climb the learning curve faster. Keep reading to learn all about Ubinary bonus offers.

Ubinary offers a one-time welcome bonus for new traders who open and fund a live trading account. In a nutshell, this is a 30% bonus for a maximum of $2,000. The amount awarded depends on your initial deposit and is subject to the company’s withdrawal policy.

Trade volume

If you obtain a 30% bonus, your minimum trading volume required before you can request a withdrawal is 20 times. If you qualify for a 40% bonus, your trading volume will be set to 30 times the amount. If you receive a 50% bonus, your minimum trading volume is 40 times.

Ubinary operates in similar ways as other brokers in that you are only able to withdraw your bonus once you achieve the minimum trade volume clearly outlined before you accept the offer. Since these terms are subject to change, checking with the broker prior to making a decision is recommended.

Trading stakes

Ubinary refers to your specific amount of trade volume as the trading stake. According to the company’s policy, your trading stake includes the history of all your closed positions from the moment you received the bonus and onward. As such, you will only be able to request a withdrawal once your total trading stakes reach the given trade volume originally agreed upon.

Ubinary allows traders to opt out of the bonus offer in which case you will be able to request a withdrawal without having to meet a specific trading target. If you choose to cancel your account before reaching your trading volume and withdrawing the bonus, you will only be able to retrieve your initial deposit minus profits and losses.