TradeRush Withdrawal Information

dollar-213619_640Many traders agree that TradeRush clients are subject to strict withdrawal procedures. However, the company has always been very transparent in disclosing its policies; as such, you should be well aware of what to expect upon requesting a withdrawal. To facilitate this process, we have compiled all of the TradeRush withdrawal information you need to know.


All requests go through the company’s finance department and are subject to approval according to your account status. TradeRush expects all traders to meet the security identification requirements, which are outlined in your account prior to requesting your first withdrawal.

TradeRush reserves the right to take up to 2 business days to address your withdrawal request. Once approved, it may take an additional 5 to 7 business days for the funds to be issued via your preferred withdrawal method. TradeRush gives you the option to cancel a withdrawal request while it is being processed. If you do so, your money will be returned into your trading account. You must contact the broker by live chat, phone, or by getting in touch with the support department (or your account executive) if you wish to cancel.

To request a withdrawal, you must either contact the support department via email or fill out the request form available through your account.

Withdrawal methods

TradeRush accepts withdrawals via credit card, wire transfer, and MoneyBookers.

Note that if you have deposited funds into your account via one credit card, you will only be able to withdraw via the same card. There are no fees associated with credit card withdrawals, but the amount you withdraw cannot exceed the amount you invested. If there is an exceeding amount, you can withdraw it by wire transfer.

Wire transfers (or bank transfers) are subject to a processing fee of $30. TradeRush allows you to make one wire transfer, free of charge, each month. Any subsequent withdrawals within the same month will cost you the $30 processing fee.

Minimum withdrawal amounts

Depending on the type of account you have and which deposit method you used, minimum withdrawal policies apply. For credit card and MoneyBookers withdrawals, you must have at least $30 USD before requesting a withdrawal. Wire transfers require a minimum of $100 USD.