Is TradeRush A Scam?

TradeRush is a broker that made incredible gains in popularity due to its innovative 60 Second binary options. While it is still working on obtaining licensing from CySEC, the company has worked hard to become a trustworthy force within the industry.

approved-151676_640Most binary options traders are concerned with one specific element when it comes to signing up with a broker and that is its legitimacy status. Since you are about to invest your own capital and attempt to profit, you need to have complete confidence that you will not be scammed in any way and that you will be able to withdraw your profits accordingly. Is TradeRush a scam? We are confident in saying no. In fact, TradeRush is one of the many highly regarded brokers in the industry, with a strong and ever-growing client base.

Although TradeRush is not a scam, some traders have complained about the fact that the company does not offer a demo account. While this may not present an issue for those who are used to trading binary options, it may be a problem for beginners. Since the only way to learn is to jump right into trading with your live account, you may be prone to making serious mistakes that could potentially be very costly. However, it is important to note that TradeRush offers excellent resources for traders who are willing to invest the time to learn about how to trade.

Other concerns that sometimes arise from those trading with TradeRush are in regards to withdrawal procedures and the use of bonus offers. With any broker, it is imperative that you read all of the fine print attached to bonuses and withdrawal guidelines. TradeRush is often accused of having more difficult terms to understand than its counterparts, which is why you must dedicate an appropriate amount of time to reading and understanding what you are about to sign up for.

TradeRush offers a fair trading experience to its customers. Just ensure you do your due diligence prior to signing up so that you avoid any surprises down the road. If you are a trader from the United States, note that TradeRush no longer offers an account to citizens of the country.