Boss Capital Bonus Offers

Bonus offers are meant to entice traders to register and start trading with a larger wallet, which ultimately has the potential to enhance skills quickly. Boss Capital has put together a series of bonus offers that easily rival some of the best brokers in the industry.

bargain-484372_640Deposit Bonus

This bonus is the most popular one. Awarded on a one-time basis, the amount of this bonus is dependent on how much you choose to deposit into your live trading account. The bonus amount is calculated using a certain percentage of your own deposit, ranging anywhere from 25% to 100%. For example, if you deposit $200 and you are entitled to a 25% bonus, you will receive an additional $50 of ‘free’ money to trade with.

Periodic Special Offers

In order to keep things interesting, Boss Capital offers special bonuses from time to time. Promotions vary but are generally in the form of additional deposit bonuses, free trades, or risk free trades.

Additional Information

Just because you receive a bonus does not mean you can withdraw it whenever you can. In fact, Capital Boss has a very strict withdrawal policy but since it is explained in detail on the company’s website, traders should know exactly what they are getting into should they choose to accept a bonus offer.

For most bonuses, you will need to trade its value for a total of 30 times before being able to withdraw your money (including your deposit and bonus). While it may seem like a harsh rule at first, it serves the purpose of preventing traders from registering and walking away with the bonus money right away, without having traded.

If you are just looking to give the broker a try and hope to withdraw your deposit quickly, accepting the bonus offer may not be in your best interest. However, if you plan on being with the broker in the long term, you can capitalize on your bonus by increasing your profit potential.

Terms and conditions are always subject to change so it is best to inquire with the broker prior to accepting a bonus offer.